Types of Betta fish: The most popular, plus photos!


Are you thinking of pet fish? Having a full-fledged aquarium in home with colorful fish moving around is one of the pleasant things that you might get to see amidst your busy schedule and other responsibilities. People like you who are fond of keeping fishes at home, might want to consider having Betta fish in different hues and textures.

There are over 30,000 different kinds of Bettas, but only a few of them are suitable to keep in aquariums at home. These different varieties are classified on the basis of color, texture, tails and natural behaviors. Here we’ll discuss some of the most commonly preferred types of these fish based on their tail types, which you may consider for your home or office. The following types are only the most popular, there are many more. These are variations of Betta splendens.

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