Betta Fish Food: What you should be Feeding them

Feeding Betta fish is often very confusing to most people. These fish are a rare kind which consumes less than mainstreat types of food; however, their least favorite is traditional “flakes” which are commonly used to feed other species.

How much to feed them

It is vital to feed your Bettas only the quantity of food they may be able to consume within two minutes. That’s a pretty handy rule of thumb (the 2 minutes) in my opinion. This is often very critical due to the fact that most fish of this kind are usually done eating within two minutes. If they are fed for more than they can eat in 2 minutes, they won’t eat the spare food and it then settles at the bottom of the aquarium tank. Within days it begins rotting and pollute the entire aquarium! This leads to an unhealthy environment which precipitate illness such as swim bladder disease. Therefore, when these fish are fed with sufficient food, tank cleaning or water changing is greatly minimized. A good tip here is to also remove all uneaten food from the tank, 15 minutes after they are done eating, to minimize pollution. During feeding, it is worthwhile to bear in mind that they prefer eating from the top portions of the water levels. These fish do not fancy eating from the lower part of the tank. Because of this, prior to dropping the meal into the aquarium tank, the attention of Betta is vital. The food should be positioned in such a way that the fish will be able to see it. Then, the food should be brought close to his face, and finally dropped into the aquarium tank.

The Frequency of Feeding 

Adult Bettas, which is generally what is found in several pet stores, are only supposed to be fed once a day. The young ones should be given food twice each day. With this species and some other fish types too, it is said to be good to skip a meal occasionally, in order to enable the body get rid of toxins and also to give the digestive system a rest. This is said to apply to humans too, but we can’t advice on either of that and we suggest you do your own research, before proceeding with this tactic!

The appropriate food a Betta should be given

First, it is very important that you select and give them only the highest quality of food. This is because they are selective as a breed. A specific pellet is fine and the baseline; however, frozen and live foods are the most suitable candidates. Recommended diet encompasses pure frozen dried blood worms and brine shrimps. This type of fish are carnivores, they usually attack, bite or even consume other fish that they might be considered as threats. This means that they prefer eating proteins. You should be careful with the worms though. This food might containt bacteria and other harmful substances. Only experienced fish owners should feed their Bettas, blood worms.

  • Betta fish pellets – the fish can be fed specially designed pellets which are commonly found in different pet stores, as well as online.
  • Fish Flakes – they are easily available and are inexpensive. However, some of them might not consume these flakes, but most will usually do.
  • Freeze dried foods – these betta treats are very common in several pet stores. They are a marvelous treat for the fish and they generally enjoy them very much. It is also vital to note that, the fish may not want to eat pellets after they have consumed these kinds of foods. These are for example pure frozen dried blood worms mentioned above.
  • Frozen foods – brine shrimps for example are very healthy for Bettas. They are often frozen in meager batches and then unfrozen for feeding. They are somehow very exorbitant as compared to other options.
  • Live Food – generally, live foods are very good. Therefore, if they can be found in large quantities, it is important to be purchased all at once so you can strike a better deal; that’s because they are expensive and buying them becomes very unsustainable when there are only a few fish reared. They are generally used by professional breeders.

During pre-spawning era,the fish can be fed with different types of food encompassing grindal worms, fruit flies, black worms, frozen bloodworms and mosquito larvae. During this time, the adult fish may be given food four times or more as per how close they are to being put into spawning tank. The fry may be given food as early as five days after spawning. During this period, the fry may be fed boiled eggs yolk, infusorians, baby brine shrimps and many more. When feeding it with live food, it is worthwhile to bear in mind that worms do carry several parasites and bacteria, and they are very difficult to handle. Because of this, prior experience in feeding fish is very valuable. A last word, if your fish is eating for more than two minutes, there is usually a good chance that they are or will become overweight. This can be spotted by looking at his belly. Overweight ones tend to have a bulging belly.

Betta Fish Food: What you should be Feeding them
Article Name
Betta Fish Food: What you should be Feeding them
How to feed a Betta fish and what. Foods that Bettas should be eating like brine shrimps and blood worms. Also, how long you should be feeding them.

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